Meet Our Trusted Vegan Supplier: Miami Foods

By Frive | 2nd November 2023 | About Frive

At Frive, we take food seriously. We’re committed to providing our customers with nutritious, great-tasting meals that prioritize quality and sustainability. Our success relies on the strong partnerships we’ve built with our 20 trusted food suppliers, and these relationships are at the core of what makes Frive the top-rated meal prep service in the UK.

One of our valued suppliers is Miami Foods.

About Miami Foods: Our Trusted Supplier

Miami Foods is a UK-based producer of clean label alternative meats, dedicated to making the plant-based food revolution not only healthy but also delicious. Founded by animal-loving entrepreneurs Tom Bursnall and Loui Blake, Miami Foods has been a key partner of Frive for nearly a year. We’ve been creating mouthwatering meals from their plant-powered protein range, including vegan burgers, meatballs, hotdogs, and more.

The idea for Miami Foods was born when Tom was inspired by the vibrant lifestyle and clean foods of South Beach in Miami. Returning to the UK, he joined forces with business partner Loui to reinvent staple food favourites. Their goal was to reduce saturated fats and calories while preserving the delicious taste of classic proteins.

The vision of Miami Foods

Loui, one half of Miami Foods, is not only a seasoned entrepreneur in the alternative protein industry but also the founder of the popular pizza and doughnut chain Vegan Dough Co. He also oversees various UK vegan restaurants, including Erpingham House in London.

Loui emphasises the increasing demand for plant-based food and Miami Foods’ commitment to meeting this demand sustainably. His journey with Miami Foods began when he searched for a vegan burger alternative for his restaurant group. Impressed by the team’s dedication, passion, and integrity, he decided to get involved in the business.

Loui shares, “I was drawn to this industry shortly after adopting a plant-based diet. I felt the desire to help more people discover the health and environmental benefits. What I love most about our work is surprising people with how incredibly tasty plant-based food can be. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with forward-thinking food brands to make their offerings more vegan-friendly.”

Delicious Offerings from Miami Foods

Miami Foods offers a delectable range of plant-based products, including the Miami Deluxe Burger, Louisiana Chick’n Burger, Smoked Streaky Mini Rashers, Lincolnshire Sausages, Classic Miami Burger, and Miami Meatballs. These items are regular features on the Frive menu and are used in various dishes, such as meatless curries, meatball stews, Greek-style burgers, and Turkish kofte.

If you’re looking for a flavorful recipe, be sure to check out our Vegan Meatballs with Tomato, Pepper Stew & Sweet Potatoes. This dish features Miami Meatballs and is perfect for batch cooking. It provides the energy to fuel your day and the variety to keep your week interesting, even if you have a busy schedule.

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