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No prep, no mess, just delicious, real, natural chef-prepared meals.

Time saving

Time saving

No meal-prep or cleaning

No macro math or calorie counting

Heat & eat in minutes

Fresh deliveries twice a week

100% real food

100% real food

Farmers' market-level ingredients

Carefully sourced produce

No artificial additives, flavourings, preservatives, or sweeteners

Made without dairy and gluten

So much choice

So much choice

New menu every week

30+ different weekly meal options

Range of breakfasts, meals and snacks

Low-carb and balanced diet options

Healthy eating has never tasted so good

Enjoy 100% real food with no prep time and no cleaning up.

We cook. You thrive.

Step one

Step 1: You order

Choose your meal plan according to your dietary goal & requirements

Step 2

Step 2: We cook

Our team of chefs will expertly prepare & cook your food

Step 3

Step 3: We deliver

Always fresh with deliveries each week on Sunday and/or Wednesday.

Step 4

Step 4: Enjoy!

Heat and eat in minutes, by microwave or oven.

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Liam Nolan

Liam Nolan - Muay Thai World Champion

Simple, easy, healthy food, and the best thing, no washing up.

Niamh Emerson

Niamh Emerson - Heptathlete

Frive has become an important part of my team for helping me get to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The meals taste so good that it makes keeping to a strict diet not feel like a chore but instead very enjoyable!

Frequently asked questions

How does Frive's low carb meal delivery service work?

Operating on a subscription model, customers are able to select a variety of low carb meals, including breakfasts, main meals (lunch and dinner), and healthy snacks. Simply order your meals for the week, and we’ll deliver half on Sunday and the other half on Wednesday. Ensuring your food is fresh all week long.

Do Frive’s low carb meals require any prior cooking experience?

No, they don’t. Simply pop your low carb prep meal in the microwave and hey presto, you’re good to go.

What ingredients do you use in your low carb dishes?

All of our ingredients are sourced from high quality, certified producers and farmers that comply with stringent quality standards.

Are your meals and delivery service eco-friendly?

All of our packaging is recyclable or decomposable. Be it the box that your low carb meals arrive in, the ice packs that keep your food cold, or the food cartons that your low carb ready meals are served in, all of it is eco-friendly. Helping you to do your bit for the environment.

Do you offer meals for specific dietary requirements?

Frive caters to a range of dietary meal plans. These include vegan, low carb, halal, gluten-free, dairy-free, and low-carb. With regards to gluten-free and dairy-free meals, whereas we do all that we can to ensure that they are in fact, gluten and dairy-free, there does exist the possibility of cross-contamination by our suppliers and manufacturers.

Who are Frive low carb meals suitable for?

We’re here to cater for the busy bees, athletes training, or those who are looking for an easy and affordable meal prep solution. Frive’s prides itself on great-tasting, high-quality food that takes a few minutes to prepare. Say goodbye to long meal prep times and post-meal clean-up marathons.

How are the meals prepared and packaged?

All of our low carb dishes are prepared by our team of professional chefs. Each meal is individually packaged in microwaveable containers. You’ll receive a food box twice weekly. All packaging is eco-friendly.

Where in the UK do you deliver?

We deliver all across mainland UK. There are certain restrictions when it comes to rural parts of Scotland due to courier restrictions. When ordering your meals, you’ll be able to see if delivery will be possible to your location.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Subscriptions can be paused or cancelled at any time through the account settings. Cancellations are scheduled after all paid meals have been received. Orders cannot be cancelled after the cut-off times due to the costs associated with preparing and planning deliveries.

How do you ensure food safety?

Frive is committed to food safety, with all ingredients and allergens for respective meals available on the meal packing and our website. Our team of chefs and providers adhere to stringent food safety standards in line with government regulations.