5 Simple Exercises to Start Your Morning Run on the Right Foot

By Frive | 21st June, 2023 | Fitness

Ready to supercharge your morning run? Say goodbye to sluggish starts and hello to a burst of energy! Join fitness expert Alice Marie Ferreira as we activate the key muscles used by runners, skyrocketing your performance and reducing the risk of injuries. Get ready to conquer your day, one stride at a time…

1. Alternating Bodyweight Step Up

Engage your glute max and quads with this effective exercise. By alternating steps, you activate your leg muscles and promote stability in the hip. Strengthening these muscle groups is vital for runners to maintain proper form and prevent imbalances.


2. Lateral Eccentric Step Up

Often overlooked, this drill targets leg and glute strength unilaterally while promoting hip stability. By performing lateral eccentric step-ups, you challenge your muscles in a unique way and improve your overall running mechanics. Give this exercise the attention it deserves.

step ups

3. Hip Thrust or Glute Bridge

Runners often experience lower back stress, which can be alleviated by strengthening the glute max. The hip thrust or glute bridge exercise activates the glute muscles, allowing them to absorb some of the stress placed on the lower back during runs. Incorporating this exercise into your morning routine can make a significant difference in your overall running experience.

hip thrusts

4. Copenhagen Plank

The Copenhagen plank is an underutilised drill that targets the internal rotation of the hip (the adductors). By including this exercise in your morning routine, you promote hip stability and reduce the risk of imbalances. Strengthening the adductors is crucial for runners to maintain proper alignment and prevent injuries.

bench raise

5. Calf Raises and Pumps

Don’t forget about your calves and Achilles! These muscles play a crucial role in absorbing impact during your runs. By incorporating calf raises and pumps into your morning exercise routine, you activate and prepare these muscles for the demands of running, reducing the risk of calf-related injuries.

calf raise

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